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Guitar Hero 2 cheats(playstation 2, xbox 360)

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Guitar Hero 2 cheats(playstation 2, xbox 360)

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:00 pm

Cheat Effect

Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow Hyper Speed De/Activate

O,B,Y,Y,O,B,Y,Y Crowd has Monkey Heads

B,O,Y,O,Y,O,B Crowd has Eyeball Heads

O,Y,O,O,Y,O,Y,Y Flaming Head

B,O,O,B,O,O,BO,O,B Horse Head

Y,Y,B,O,Y,B Air Guitar

Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Yellow Performance mode (Guitar God Mode?)

B,Y,O,R,O,Y,R,Y,R,Y,R,Y,R,Y Unlock All (NTSC Version)

PAL Codes
At the title menu, enter the code. Enter again to de-activate.

Cheat Effect

Y,O,B,O,B,O,Y Crowd has Eyeball Heads
Y, Y, O, Y, Y, B, Y, Y Performance Mode (no HUD)
Y, Y, O, Y, O, O, Y, O Flaming Head
B, O, O, B, O, O, B, O, O, B, O, O, B, O, O, B, O Horse Head
Y, O, B, O, Y, O, B, O Hyper Speed
Y, Y, B, O, Y, Y, B, O Monkey Head Crowd
B, Y, O, B, Y, Y Air guitar

Hyperspeed on Dualshock
Just do the sequence on the main menu (while selecting "Career Mode"). And keep doing it repeatedly until a message appears. Don't do it too slow.

Cheat Effect

Triangule, Square, X, Square, Triangule, Square, X, Square until a message appears Activates the Hyperspeed

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